Saturday, May 9, 2009

FYP Believes Moles Have Comically Low Expectations of Themselves

In response to FYP says that Moles Have Comically Low Expectations of Themselves

Fuck you, Fuck You Penguin! Not that I need to explain anything to you at all, sister, especially not after you sent me those horrific mole torture-porn photos (you really are sick, you know), but seeing how you just can't leave me alone, I feel I need to defend myself.

That look on my face in the photo you posted--how the fuck did you get that anyway, it was a personal item not meant for the public to see--is not excitement for sticking my head above ground, you moron. Rather, it is a little something I like to call ecstasy.

You see, Fuck You Penguin, it's what you can't see that puts my expression in context. Under the ground, in the tunnel below me, is my lover Rodrigo. He is sucking me off and grabbing my furry little ass with those claws of his. Mmmm-mmmmm good. Damn, Rodrigo is the best! You should try some homolesexual loving. It might loosen you up. Call me, I can hook you up.



  1. I side with you mole...fuck the penguin he's getting to big for his tuxedo and little jacket. I do love your nails where do you get them done do tell my little mole???

    Lots of mole huggs

  2. FYFYP or FUFUP, are you the commenter that has Molita's panties in a wad?