Monday, May 25, 2009

FYP Asks a Bear "Why Are You Doing This to Me?"

In response to Why Are You Doing This to Me?

Fuck you, Fuck You Penguin, if you want to know something about me, why not just go to the source? No need to call in federal agencies and whatnot. Geez. That photo was taken in the summer of '07 in the back yard of the O'Doyle family's home in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey. That sure was a good summer. Ah, memories.

Also, you should know that I am a black bear, and though I do eat flesh, it is at a rather moderate rate. My diet is about 85% vegetarian so the idea that I have an "insatiable thirst for blood" is just, well, it is just embarrassingly off the mark. There, now you've learned something.

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