Wednesday, June 3, 2009

FYP Claims that No One Wants to Hang Out With Eels

Fuck you, Fuck You, Penguin! No one wants to hang with me? Fuck that shit. You totally called and asked to come over. Like anyone out there is gonna believe that you just happened to be snorkeling and didn't realize you were right by my place. I've been calling the space between these rocks home for fifteen goddamn years, so don't you fuckin' dare to try and act like you didn't want to come over and chill.

Why don't you tell them what really happened, huh? You came over with a couple of 40s, and we played video games as usual. And then I totally kicked your ass in "Halo 3"--and I'll mother fuckin' do it again, if you ever try to publicly embarrass me like this in the future, a-hole.

So you can't beat an armless creature at video games, douche. Boo hoo, Fuck You, Penguin. Boo-fuckin'-hoo. Do yourself a favor and buy your own goddamn Xbox already.