Friday, April 24, 2009

Seahorses Make FYP Less Interested in Real Horses

Fuck you, Fuck You, Penguin! I am so sorry that my existence as a seahorse has made you lose interest in "actual" horses. However, it seems to me that you might have things backwards.

Scientists agree that life started in the seas, and therefore, my kind was on this planet swimming happily eons before actual horses even fucking thought about existing. It is not my fault that humans couldn't come up with a unique name to describe me, and instead--with their usual display of laziness--just slapped together the word for where I live with the name of a land mammal that I only somewhat resemble.

You see, Fuck You, Penguin, I do not have the head of a horse: Horses have the head of my kind. Get it straight. I was here first.

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